Kim Matullo

Motivational Speaker – Published Author – Entrepreneur



After a 20+ year-long career in the TV and Film industry, I found myself on a health journey that would change the entire course of my life for the better. Living with the auto-immune disease, psoriasis, for half of my life brought about deep feelings of humiliation and insecurity.


Struggling with the condition, I saw my skin begin to clear up after implementing a strict regimen of proper nutrition, but that wasn’t enough. To truly heal, I had to address the shame. I had to stop beating myself up and learn that the compassion I extended to others had to be directed inwards too. I deserved kindness. I deserved support. I deserved sleeveless shirts on a summer day without embarrassment. And most of all, I deserved love – a HUGE portion of self-love. This, I learned, was the number one “food” for the soul. With my newfound approach to “treating” my condition and an eagerness to share my findings with others, I was inspired to become a Certified Holistic Health Coach. Shortly after, I began to write my first book about healing my skin and learning how to love myself in the process – with, or without psoriasis.

I’m a very nurturing person by nature, and helping people is where I draw my energy. Making others feel good makes me feel good! This has led me to speak to countless people in various forums, including wellness centers, schools, and non-profit organizations.

However, I didn’t want distance or accessibility to hinder my reach. In an effort to further connect with people near and far, I created The Love Group, a web-based talk show on YouTube where five speakers and professionals have open, vulnerable conversations to offer healing and inspiration.

So what has my journey taught me? Three things: Guiding others on a path to a healthy and happy life is my passion. Teaching others that this must include self-love is my goal. Giving others the skills to incorporate self-love into their lives is my purpose.

Training & Education

Previous Clients Include:

  • University of Connecticut
  • Women on the Rise Business Forum
  • Bellmore Merrick Central High School District
  • TEDx Talk Forum
  • Eileen Fisher Leadership Institute
  • Tri Sigma Sigma Sorority Alumni
  • Girls Scouts
  • Pure & Simple Health Wellness Center
  • Exit Realty
  • Girls World Expo