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Why I Want to Help People Heal and Love Their Skin

Why I Want to Help People Heal and Love Their Skin

I find it fascinating how the universe always seems to swoop in to reassure us when we are feeling fear about something we were born to do.  Let me explain. I’m almost six months into my studies at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition to become a health coach, and I’m beyond scared! My passion is to specialize in helping people who suffer from skin diseases so I can help them heal the way I am healing myself, through nutrition and self-love. I’ll be pre-certified in two weeks and have officially started my business, Healing My Skin. It’s scary to start a new career at almost forty, and it doesn’t help when the little voice in my head is negatively thinking thoughts like “What if I disappoint my clients?” Luckily, my passion and enthusiasm are keeping my negative thoughts at bay, and I’m not allowing fear to stop me. I genuinely love helping people, because it makes me feel so damn good inside, and I believe when you’re passionate about something, you have to do it! Plus, everything in me believes in the healing power of whole foods and love, and my mission is to spread the word one person at a time!

I have been talking to a few people lately whom I consider to be my “practice clients.” Some have Psoriasis, and some just want to feel better in general. It’s truly an honor to be on their journey! One of these practice clients, whom I now consider a friend, is a woman who has been suffering from severe Psoriasis for a long time. She’s a busy wife and mother of two little boys. When we first spoke, she admitted to being really nervous talking about her skin because, much like I had been when I was younger, she didn’t talk to anyone about it, not even her husband. She hid it from most of the world as much as she could like a dirty little secret, feeling ashamed and embarrassed. She was disgusted by it, and when she found the courage to send me photos, I understood her fear.

This disease isn’t pretty, but it’s our bodies communicating with us that something needs to change.  It took me over twenty years to listen, and I don’t want others to have to wait that long. Can you imagine walking around feeling ashamed of your body every day of your life? We are not here to carry around feelings of shame and embarrassment; we are here to feel happiness and joy. At least, that’s what I believe in every core of my being. It’s why I finally “came out” about my Psoriasis.

This woman I’m now friends with is so gorgeous, too—downright stunning! What’s a shame is that someone so beautiful on both the inside and outside ended up feeling such disgust about herself. It makes me sad. I totally relate to what she has been feeling most of her life, which is what drives me to help people like her find their empowerment. In that empowerment, they find love and appreciation for themselves and their bodies. This beautiful woman started learning what was actually occurring inside of her body, how hard it was working to protect her, and she found a whole new respect and understanding for it. This changed everything for her, and she is starting to feel some control. She’s not just looking at the symptom anymore; she’s now looking at the cause.

This is what we all need to do with any illness or condition. We need to ask the question: What’s causing this, and how can we work on healing that from the inside out? A perfect example is that when I get sick, it’s always at a time when I’m most stressed out. My body is fighting to rest, and I’m usually not allowing it to. Then I get sick and am forced to cancel plans, not go to work, and lie on the couch.

This woman has been so inspired to heal, that in just one month, she has implemented new lifestyle changes into her family’s home—which I’m sure wasn’t easy, given that she has three boys! She sends me photos of her healthy cooking all the time, and I am so proud of her for staying motivated. I love getting those photos because I know she is now feeling the way I was feeling at the very beginning of my journey: open, hopeful, and excited. I am so happy for her that she feels in control of her body for the first time and ultimately feels more confident.

To see the changes in her skin only a month and a half into her new diet and her new outlook on life leaves me feeling elated. The feeling is enough to move mountains, people! It’s A-mazing!


Our bodies are miracles, aren’t they?

On the day she sent me some photos of her progress, they came with a beautiful message thanking me, telling me how grateful she was for having met me, that she and her husband both saw the difference and were so happy to see some clearing for the first time. Her text brought me to tears, because what she didn’t know was that I was having such a bad day at work that day. I needed that text so badly. I was feeling no enjoyment in my day job anymore, on top of feeling doubt and fear about my new path as a health coach. The discouragement had me close to tears–then, bam! I got her text. I quietly thanked the universe because I knew, at that moment, it was reminding me that my path of true fulfillment was just starting. I smiled and thought, I am meant to do this. I believe everyone comes into our lives for a reason, no matter how big or small. She and I were so clearly meant to give each other empowerment, hope, confidence, and love—which heals a lot more than just our skin.

When you are having doubts about something in life, just ask the universe to show you the signs. It will, whether you want it to or not. Soon, with a positive attitude, your situation will change for the better or show you a new direction.

And, that is why healing Ps is all about love!