Kim Matullo

Motivational Speaker – Published Author – Entrepreneur

Kim Matullo

Motivational Speaker ā€“ Published Author ā€“ Entrepreneur

Hi! Iā€™m Kim Matullo

I am a motivational speaker and published author, focused on teaching both kids and adults empowering tools, attitudes and mindsets for social and emotional success.

It was my own upbringing that inspired me to do this work. In my youth, like so many children and teens, I desperately needed to love and accept myself. However, neither my school, nor my home, taught or equipped me with these vital life skills. As an adult, I have since made it my mission to impart these lessons on future generations, as well as share what I have discovered with my peers. After all, it is never too late to be reminded of our worth, and shown that loving ourselves, first and foremost, should be the primary objective to living a healthy, happy life.